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Welcome to Health First Consulting!

We believe that health must come first in order to maximize a person’s potential. Through the innovative lens of integrative and functional medicine, which addresses root causes of disease, everyone has an opportunity to reach better health.

At Health First, we help companies in the integrative and functional medicine industry promote products and educate their customers. This is done through blogs, website content, sales sheets, technical papers, and more. Our areas of expertise are integrative and functional medicine, nutritional supplements, functional laboratory tests, biomedical sciences, and more. Are you stuck trying to write for professionals, laypeople, or both? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Writing exceptional content is not all we do. Are you learning to interpret complicated lab reports? Want expertise on developing an oral microbiome product? We offer consulting services to laboratories, clinicians, and patients. And because change comes from the ground up, we package all of this cutting-edge information into videos, handouts, and books for clinicians, their patients, and consumers.

Are you a patient looking for solutions to your chronic illness? Check out our section for consumers here.

Medical Writing

Looking to boost your web presence and educate your base but can’t find the time? Our team of writers has over 65 years of collective experience writing for the integrative and functional medicine industry. We take complex topics and distill them down to clear, informative, and well-written copy that sells and educates. Nutraceutical companies, laboratories, and practitioners count on us to deliver engaging, search-engine-optimized website content, blogs, Amazon listings, technical papers, and more.


Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS has over fifteen years of experience teaching clinicians about integrative and functional laboratory results. She helps practitioners examine root causes, interpret complex test results, and design natural treatments to improve health. Aside from her work with laboratories, Cass consults directly with clinicians and patients about functional lab results and with oral healthcare companies about the oral microbiome.

Patient Videos, Handouts, and Books

Practitioners, you can get better treatment outcomes by teaching your patients about functional medicine and why it’s worth the effort. Many patients struggle to change their diets, take supplements, and improve their lifestyles. Use our patient education videos, books, and patient handouts to educate, motivate, and encourage patients on the journey toward better health.

Patients, are you looking for natural, evidence-based solutions to chronic health problems?

In addition to our work with medical companies, we work with consumers. Everyone deserves to know the root causes, diagnostic tests, and natural treatments available for their chronic illnesses.

• Check out our blog posts about safe, natural solutions for difficult-to-solve chronic illnesses.

• Learn how you can boost your whole-body health by nurturing the friendly bacteria in your mouth in Ms. Nelson-Dooley’s book, Heal Your Oral Microbiome

• Looking for answers for a chronic health problem? Contact us to schedule a functional medicine consultation.

How Can We Help?

We at Health First Consulting are an expert medical communications team serving the integrative and functional medicine industry. Count on our expertise to promote your nutritional supplements, laboratory tests, medical services, or even to write your first publication.