Patient Education Videos

Can be viewed on a Video brochure and through an Expiring online link.
A one-time purchase will grant you unlimited access to that video
and one video brochure will be shipped to you.

Video Brochure

Hand the video brochure to your patient and let it do the rest. Use it thousands of times!

The benefits of a video brochure are:
  • It is an all-in- one video and video player. You don’t need a computer or DVD player or tablet.
  • Mobile. You can move it around from waiting room to patient room.
  • You don’t have to look for a web link in your email.
  • Give it to a patient while they are waiting.
  • Personal.
  • Innovative technology.
Medical videos
It eliminates the time I used to have to take to essentially go through the same information over and over with patient after patient. The videos are so well-done, the graphics are top-notch, and the messaging for the patient is perfectly on-point.

This investment in patient education pays for itself in time savings in no time at all, while improving patient compliance and outcomes.

David M. Brady

ND, CCN, DACBN, IFMCP, Whole Body Medicine

See the Brochure in Action:

Teaching videos
Patient education videos
This Gives you unlimited access to videos

Self Activating

The unit plays the video when you open it
and it shuts down when you close it.

Quickly Recharged

The battery life is 2 hours of playing time. It includes a mini-USB to USB hookup. When the video brochure runs out of battery, connect it to a standard charging socket.

Add Patient Literature

Add patient literature or a sample report of your favorite lab test to the inside pocket. Your patient can learn more about the specific test you recommend.

Adjust Volume

You can adjust volume to your specifications.

Online Expiring Link

This can be sent by email to thousands of patients.

The benefits of an online link format are:
  • Patient can watch the video after they leave the clinic on his or her tablet, smartphone, or computer.
  • You can send the video before the patient visits the office or after the office visit.
  • Includes an outgoing generic message that you or your staff can personalize and send to patient with the link.
The online link requires
  • A patient email address.
  • Doctor or office staff need to login to the account to share the link to the video.

Videos are protected

Unfortunately, patient education videos cannot be posted on your public website. They are proprietary and are protected. The link is designed to expire rapidly. The link can only be viewed on one device after opening it.

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Patient education videos