Leaky Gut Testing Digital Video: Your Key to a Strong and Smart Immune System

Leaky gut testing helps practitioners detect a breakdown in the gut barrier that may compromise immunity and overall health. If leaky gut doesn’t get identified and corrected, other treatments may have little to no benefits. Introduce your patients to the concept of intestinal permeability with beautiful graphics.

They will see a powerful animation that shows how leaky gut causes systemic inflammation. Patients will learn the long list of illnesses that may arise with leaky gut, especially autoimmune diseases. Patients will learn how you might proceed when healing leaky gut.

After watching this video, your patients will ask you to order a leaky gut test. Compatible with any brand of leaky gut test you use!

What will you get?

Online Expiring Link

This can be sent by email to thousands of patients.

  • Patient can watch the video after they leave the clinic on his or her tablet, smartphone, or computer..
  • You can send the video before the patient visits the office or after the office visit.
  • Includes an outgoing generic message that you or your staff can personalize and send to patient with the link.


4:18 Unlimited Access