Food Sensitivity Testing Package: Are the Foods You Eat Everyday Making You Sick?

Integrative and functional medicine doctors commonly use food sensitivity tests to look for hidden causes of chronic illness, especially when other treatments haven’t worked. In this video, your patient will learn about a young nurse whose career was nearly ruined by joint pain, which resolved when her food sensitivities were detected and addressed.

Patients will learn why food sensitivities can crop up late in life and how they can harm the body. Your patient will find out that food restrictions may not last forever. You may advise them to bring certain foods back into their diets, once their gut health returns.

Patients will ask you to order a food sensitivity test after seeing this video. Compatible with any food sensitivity test you use!

What will you get?

Video Brochure

Hand the video brochure to your patient and let it do the rest.
Use it thousands of times!

  • It is an all-in- one video and video player. You don’t need a computer or DVD player or tablet.
  • Mobile. You can move it around from waiting room to patient room.
  • You don’t have to look for a web link in your email.
  • Give it to a patient while they are waiting.
  • Personal.
  • Innovative technology.

Online Expiring Link

This can be sent by email to thousands of patients.

  • Patient can watch the video after they leave the clinic on his or her tablet, smartphone, or computer..
  • You can send the video before the patient visits the office or after the office visit.
  • Includes an outgoing generic message that you or your staff can personalize and send to patient with the link.


6:03 Unlimited Access