Do you want to empower your patients to transform their health? We can help you educate your patients, improve compliance, and get them on the road to better health!

Clinicians or Consumers,

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Many patients struggle to follow an integrative and functional medicine protocol. It isn’t easy for them to change their diets, take supplements, and make lasting lifestyle changes. They may have never heard of functional medicine, leaky gut, food sensitivities, or hormone imbalance.

Empower your patients with information. Education helps you motivate, encourage, and get buy-in from your patients. Once they understand the functional medicine concepts that lead to healing, they realize the payoff is worth the effort. It helps them succeed on their journey to wellness and it saves you precious time answering the same questions over again. Happy, healthy, informed patients feel great and send their friends and family to you.

Use our patient education videos, handouts, and books to teach your patients about the important functional medicine topics that will transform their health.

Patient-Prep Videos Empower Patients and Save You Time

Need time to see more patients? Today’s busy practitioner spends a great deal of time imparting the same information to patient after patient throughout the day. Our Patient-Prep Videos can give you back that valuable time!

Teach Patients at Your Clinic or at Their Homes!

Our Patient-Prep Videos are available as a video brochure and an online link. Our Patient-Prep Videos educate patients about the most common functional medicine conditions before they even enter the examination room. Patients can learn about autoimmune diseases, the microbiome, leaky gut, and food sensitivities, or why they may need testing all while you are treating a patient in the next room.

Patient-Prep Video Brochures are ideal for your clinic waiting room or exam rooms.

Every time your patient opens a Patient-Prep Video Brochure, a self-activating video presentation will automatically play and teach patients about the integrative and functional medicine concepts that help them heal, in a language they can understand, while you enjoy the following:

Office visits spent on examination and treatment, rather than repeating information with each new patient

Impactful conversations with empowered and educated patients

More efficient use of your time which may allow you to see more patients

Patient-Prep Videos sent via online link are
perfectly suited for your telemedicine practice.

Send a link by email before or after the patient visit. Patients can watch the videos on their phones, computers, or tablets. It’s a user-friendly system for a busy practice.

See How This Innovative Patient-Prep Brochure Works

These high-quality “commercials” are around 4 minutes long, have beautiful graphics and animations, feature lab expert Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS, and answer the most frequently asked questions. Learn more.

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Educate and Motivate Patients with Functional Medicine Handouts

Put your clinic’s best face forward with our free, customizable patient education handouts. Use our handouts to teach your patients about important functional medicine topics such as gut health, carbohydrates, and blood sugar, supplement quality, and more! Customize these handouts with your clinic logo and edit the Word file as needed. You can give them to patients at your office or email them the pdf.

Signed Copy of Heal Your Oral Microbiome

Clinicians, if the gut microbiome is a mainstay in your practice, the oral microbiome should be, too. Poor oral health could be the stumbling block holding back your patients from optimum wellness. Consider recommending my book, Heal Your Oral Microbiome, to your patients.

Consumers, put inflammation in its place when you read and follow the tips in my book, Heal Your Oral Microbiome. Supporting your oral health can improve heart disease, gut health, and joint pain, to name a few.

The oral microbiome is the new frontier in human health. The microbes that live in your mouth can cause or prevent cavities, gum disease, or bad breath. But the oral microbiome doesn’t stop there. It has far-reaching impacts on your brain, metabolism, joints, heart, and lungs. The gut microbiome has gotten the lion’s share of the attention but it’s high time that the oral microbiome had its turn.

With over 700 species, the mouth is the second most biodiverse community of microbes in the body. In this book, we will explore the magnificent oral microbiome and how keeping it in balance can promote health from head to toe. We will review the evidence about oral health and natural, safe things you can do to optimize your oral microbiome. It may be the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself from disease.

Purchase your signed copy here. The book is also available on Amazon and from other major book retailers.